Wealth Management for Millennials

by NEIRG NEWS | Nov 18, 2016

NEIRG Millenial Wealth Management


New England Investment and Retirement Group have evolved and adapted our financial planning and wealth management strategies for a new generation of millennials.

Millennials have become a rapidly growing group, impacting the way society acts and thinks. The wealth managers at New England Investment and Retirement Group have researched the many different ways millennials behave compared to other generations when it comes to business, money, planning, and more.

The major distinction between millennials and other generations is their strong attachment for technology and the desire to have everything they need at the click of a button.

New England Investment and Retirement Group has taken note that millennials will not tolerate the type of wealth management that does not allow them to transact business digitally. In fact, according to a Capegemini survey, as much as 40% of millennials would switch their wealth manager if they did not offer online services! That is a significant number.

When it comes to issues such as asset allocation, millennials place a high value on the convenience of being able to access their account information online whenever and wherever the need to do so arises.

Millennials are hooked on technology and their entire lives are intricately woven into all things digital. Recent data shows that 90% of millennials check their mobile phones within 15 minutes of waking up on a daily basis. That is how much technology is influencing this group of individuals.

There are some who believe that the way to engage more millennials in wealth management, is to gamify the entire process. That may not be such a bad idea considering the fact that millennials in general enjoy playing digital games. In addition, this may be a way to bridge the gap that exists in terms of financial knowledge on the part of many millennials. At the same time, gamification is also a great way to impart financial knowledge to millennials while also teaching them the financial consequences of every decision that they may make.

New England Investment and Retirement Group is excited to be part of a changing and fast paced industry, adapting to the needs of each and every client to achieve their specific financial goals.