Business Succession Planning

Our objective is to help owners maximize the value of the business they have worked so hard to build.

Our Multi-Stage Approach

As a business owner, your financial life is complex. Your business and personal finances are likely intertwined, and effective planning plays a pivotal role in ensuring that you can achieve your objectives in one area — without jeopardizing your financial well-being in the other.

Through our partner firm Business Succession Advisers, LLC, we help business owners maximize the value of their enterprise as they prepare for an eventual exit. Using a multi-stage assessment process, we focus on strengthening the essential areas of your business ahead of an exit or sale: Planning & Leadership; Sales & Marketing; People & Operations; and Finance & Legal. In doing so, we help ensure that the process of exiting from your business is as financially rewarding as the process of building a successful enterprise.

The Road To A Successful Exit

Our exit and succession planning process focuses on four key elements.


A multi-stage assessment of your business aimed at highlighting strengths and identifying and correcting weaknesses & threats.


A detailed business valuation and analysis of your options for exiting the business.

Strategic Plan

We help you formulate a strategic plan to capitalize on strengths, minimize weaknesses and improve the enterprise value of the business over time.


Through the coaching of senior management and enhancing a culture of accountability, we help set you on a path of success.

Succession Planning For People Like You

Since 1995, we have provided comprehensive guidance to business owners as they navigate major liquidity events. We look forward to learning about you and your objectives.

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