Comprehensive Guidance for High-Net-Worth Families

We help you define your goals for your family wealth and build a plan to help you reach them.

Preserve Your Family Wealth

70% of family wealth is lost by the end of the second generation. 90% is lost by the end of the third generation. You’ve worked hard to build wealth — we can help you protect your wealth and establish a strong financial legacy for your family.

We work with wealthy families to help them define their priorities and goals for their wealth. And because most generational wealth is eroded due to a lack of communication and trust between generations, we help you communicate your intentions for your wealth to your family members. Most importantly, we help ensure the next generation of your family is prepared — not just to inherit wealth, but to carry on the financial legacy you want to leave behind.

How We Execute

Our process is centered on maximizing the compounding of wealth after taxes, fees, and inflation.


  • Lifestyle & family dynamics
  • Closely held companies or business interests
  • Business plans/potential sales or acquisitions
  • Multi-generational wealth transfers
  • Philanthropic goals


  • Cash flow planning
  • Optimal asset allocation
  • Tax, estate, & charitable planning
  • Insurance & risk management strategies
  • Family wealth education
  • Business succession or exit


  • Investment transition
  • Strategic planning initiatives
  • Tax planning & minimization strategies
  • Strategic sale or acquisition of a business
  • Real estate opportunities


  • Success & continuity of goals and objectives
  • Consolidated ‘balance sheet’ reporting
  • Performance outcome vs. objectives
  • Regular communication & meetings
  • Ongoing review of family business, lifestyle, and multi-generational planning opportunities

Planning & Investment Advice, For Families Like Yours

Since 1995, we have provided comprehensive guidance to help families effectively manage generational wealth and leave a financial legacy they can be proud of.

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