Investment Management

Our objective is to help our clients grow their investment portfolio and increase their overall net worth.

Our Strategic Approach

Our goal is to help our clients grow their investment portfolio and increase their overall net worth. While high-net-worth individuals and institutions typically seek out the services of an investment manager or financial advisor due to the complexity of managing a large balance sheet, anyone, regardless of net worth, can benefit from investment management services.

Our investment management process begins by establishing your specific investment goals and the level of risk you are comfortable taking. Goals may include buying a home, funding a child’s education, saving for retirement, or preserving a financial legacy to pass on. In addition to considering your financial objectives, our approach to managing your assets is customized based on your circumstances, risk appetite, and stage of life.

Our Disciplined Process

Our process is centered on maximizing the compounding of wealth after taxes, fees, and inflation.

Strive for Excellence in Managing the Allocation and Overseeing the Managers

Our process starts with managing the top-down investment allocation and striving to select the best individual securities, ETFs, and managers. We fundamentally believe in knowing what we own and why we own it. This requires deep understanding of our how our managers manage money and following a rigid, time-tested strategy in selecting individual securities ourselves. In taking a top-down approach and forming durable relationships with our underlying managers, we seek to maximize returns on an after fee and after-tax basis.

Thoughtfully Blending Active and Passive Investments

We believe active investment management an important piece of a client’s portfolio. We thoughtfully blend active and passive investments depending on what stage of the macroeconomic environment we are in. Markets can be efficient and inefficient all at once, and pockets of inefficiencies evolve over time. Our approach uses passive allocations in the most efficient segments of the market and active management or individual security selection in places where inefficiencies exist.

Incorporate Private and Alternative Investments

Our approach goes beyond traditional stock and bond markets to help you manage private and alternative investment opportunities. Depending on an investor’s time horizon, risk tolerance, and liquidity requirements, we will actively allocate to private and alternative segments of the market. Our investment team has significant experience sourcing, evaluating, and allocating to private investments and building custom private and alternative portfolios for clients. In addition to sourcing and bringing opportunities to you, we are experienced in evaluating outside opportunities on your behalf and providing consolidated reporting incorporating your private investment portfolio with the rest of your public market investments.

Tactically Manage and Adjust Our Portfolios

As market conditions change, the expected risk and return characteristics shift. We actively stress-test our strategies, monitor our assumptions, and evaluate new opportunities. Through weekly investment committee meetings, we review portfolio performance against expectations and a series of relevant benchmarks. We seek to understand the cause for over or underperformance and determine if an adjustment is required. We are always evaluating new opportunities relative to the expected return characteristics of what we own today. When we identify investments with a high perceived margin of safety, we do not hesitate to improve our portfolio positioning.

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