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We help businesses manage working capital and liquidity.

Solutions for Corporate & Institutional Clients

We take time to fully understand your financial structure, priorities, and funding needs. It is hard enough to run a business without needing to worry about how to maximize the efficiency of working capital, evaluating your firm’s retirement plan, or designing programs to retain key executives.

One Client’s Story

A corporate client in the construction industry had a lot of cash on their balance sheet earning no appreciable yield with their financial institution. Loans for short-term liquidity needs were difficult and costly through their bank. They also had a challenge retaining key employees without the ability to expand the ownership of the firm.

The client wanted an option to maximize after-tax income and conservatively grow the balance sheet cash. They also sought our guidance on strategies to retain key employees that would be tax-friendly to both the companies and the employees.

How We Helped

Designed & built plan

We worked with the client to design and build a deferred compensation plan to retain key employees.

Negotiated aggressive margin rates

We negotiated aggressive margin rates with the client’s custodian to free up working capital.

Invested excess balance sheet cash

We invested excess balance sheet cash to earn yield and market growth above what was available in a standard money market.

Solutions for Businesses Like Yours

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