Is Your Advisory Business Market-Ready? Nick Giacoumakis Discusses Succession Planning Options in PLANADVISER

by NEIRG NEWS | Mar 27, 2019

In a recent guest post in PLANADVISER, our founder and principal Nick Giacoumakis discusses the most common succession planning options for retirement plan advisers.

According to the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors, more than 80% of business owners interested in selling their company are turned away by potential acquirers or merger partners for not being “market ready.” Unfortunately, many financial advisers and other business owners fail to appropriately plan for the future of their business, as they are generally preoccupied with working in their business and managing the day-to-day responsibilities.

According to Nick, a fully developed succession plan will ensure that your firm is ready to go to market when the time is right, increasing the enterprise value, profitability and marketability of your business. From a sale to a third party to a transition to a family member, Nick outlines the most common succession planning options for retirement plan advisers to consider.

You’ve invested countless hours and hard-earned money into building your business; now it’s time to focus on how you can make the most of your investment as you transition out of it. Read the full guest post here to learn more about how you can successfully plan for your firm’s future.