Why We Are Different

New England Investment and Retirement Group why we're differentNew England Investment and Retirement Group separates itself from other wealth managers and financial advisors through quality customer service and a unique, customized approach to each client’s specific financial needs.


At New England Investment and Retirement Group our ability to integrate all aspects of your life into a cohesive framework for your financial success rests in our position as truly independent financial advisors. Because we are under no pressure to promote a particular product or answer to a parent company, we are free to focus expressly on what benefits you most and to provide sound, objective advice on a virtually unlimited array of strategies.

Rather than sticking to a “cookie cutter” approach with each of our clients, every client at NEIRG receives a consultation with our experienced advisors to develop a personalized strategy to match their needs, wants, and concerns. Our team understands that everyone’s situation is different and that each client needs an individualized approach to obtain the best possible outcome for their financial goals.

When you work with us, you benefit from an infrastructure of seasoned professionals who share a commitment to always placing your best interests above all else. Our team collaborates on a consistent basis to ensure that all of your important life decisions are smoothly contoured into a complete wealth management strategy that endures over time.

You can feel confident and comfortable as you build long lasting relationships with New England Investment and Retirement Group financial and wealth advisors who are working and consulting with you every step of the way.

At New England Investment and Retirement Group we take great pride and care in helping others secure their financial futures for themselves, for their families, and for future generations to come.