Wealth Management


Wealth management is a fundamental service regarding a combination of nearly all of your financial decisions. New England Investment and Retirement Group provides distinct wealth planning advice from traditional wealth managers, taking a unique, customized approach to each client’s portfolio.


NEIRG will address and review all of your investment and wealth planning needs, providing advice related to retirement planning, estate planning, cash flow management and beyond.

Why does one need wealth management?

Wealth management is of great importance to individuals of all ages and circumstances. Below,  New England Investment and Retirement Group lists some of the most significant reasons to inquire about wealth management.

Optimize your return: Leaving your savings stored away in a bank vault or divided up in bonds or equities is a safe and sure way to secure your funds, however, it will not allow room for your savings to peak.

The wealth management professionals at NEIRG can help allocate your assets to bring about optimized returns, strengthening your nest egg.

Investment is complex: NEIRG understands that investing in equities can be complex. Knowing which shares to buy, hold, accumulate or sell can require time, patience, and extensive professional knowledge. The same goes for less riskier assets like bonds. Even land has a good time to buy and sell. The experienced professionals at NEIRG take an overall view of the economy inspecting all of its components to help you make sound investment decisions.

Save time: Managing your investments can take up a lot of time. You need to be able to keep a close eye on markets, review economic data and financial reports, and even speak with professionals knowledgeable in your areas of interest. NEIRG is committed to spending that time for you so that you are able to focus on other important life moments such as your career and family.

Grow your wealth: Once you have inherited or grown your wealth, you will want to continue to grow and preserve that wealth for future generations to come. The wealth management professionals at NEIRG will help you decide how to handle your appreciating assets along with other inherited goods such as artwork or old cars to increase their value over time.