The Return of “Sell in May and Go Away”: Nick Giacoumakis Appears on TD Ameritrade Network’s ‘Market on Close’

by NEIRG NEWS | May 31, 2019

Yesterday, our President and Founder Nick Giacoumakis was featured on TD Ameritrade Network’s “Market on Close.”

During the appearance, Nick weighed in on recent market volatility, revised Q1 GDP numbers and sectors of opportunity in the current market environment.  

Nick shared his insights on the turbulent markets of-late, noting that tariffs imposed on Chinese exports were driving some of the volatility in the VIX. He emphasized, however, that even as the trade war continues with no indication of an immediate resolution, GDP numbers were strong, and demonstrated the resilience of the U.S. economy. Looking ahead to Q2, Nick added that GDP data will be an important indicator if the slowdown in growth hits the economy as hard as some are expecting. NEIRG anticipates a slowdown between 2% – 2.25%.

As volatility trends higher, Nick discussed why this is a stock-picker’s market, sharing a few defensive sectors that allow investors to capitalize on the sustainability of their earnings growth: healthcare, consumer staples and telecom.

For Nick’s thoughts surrounding ongoing trade headwinds and his position on a rate cut from the Fed, watch the full interview here.