Tara Vary

Client Service Representative

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P: 978-975-2559



Tara has been a part of the team at New England Investment and Retirement Group, Inc. since June 2019. As a Client Service Representative, she works with the firm’s clients to ensure all of their needs are met. Tara collaborates with the advisory team to ensure a smooth transition for new clients, while helping existing clients with all account service requests including deposits and withdrawals, account inquiries and tax reporting. Tara also works very closely with the firm’s advisors to prepare for and follow up after client meetings.

When not at work Tara enjoys gardening, baking and sewing.


What Tara Vary likes best about working at NEIRG: ““I’m thrilled to join the client service team at NEIRG. After spending most of my career providing data management support, I’m excited for the opportunity to work directly with clients, I look forward to witnessing the results of all of the hard work and planning NEIRG accomplishes.”




University of Maine at Farmington: Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree in Business, Women Studies and Philosophy from the University of Maine at Farmington


Operations Administrator, Trilogy Financial Services

  • Her core competencies include Tara has 10 years of experience processing paperwork and providing database management to financial advisory firms.

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