Protecting Wealth


New England Investment & Retirement Group Inc. understands that risk is inherent in every investment decision.

Risk can come in various forms: legal liability, accidents, natural causes, credit risk, financial markets, portfolio design, health, safety and political factors, to name a few. Our wealth advisors actively seek to manage these dynamic risks by expecting the unexpected and planning accordingly through proven risk-reduction techniques and timeless asset protection strategies.

Our process includes:

  • Monitoring your overall investment portfolio allocation and diversification to ensure unnecessary risks are not being taken in attempting to reach your goals and objectives.
  • Reviewing your overall insurance program, including life, disability, long-term care and liability, to ensure that the coverages are sufficient, properly planned and cost-effective.
  • Examining your titling of assets with regards to your wealth management plan. This exercise applies to liquid securities as well as non-liquid assets, such as real estate, LP’s and closely held business interests. The goal is to provide the greatest amount of flexibility while still maintaining appropriate levels of asset protection.
  • Discussing charitable gifting for tax efficiency, control and legacy. This includes discussion of appreciated stocks and use of pooled funds such as donor advised funds and private foundations.

At New England Investment & Retirement Group Inc., our team recognizes that personal wealth management demands a unique and customized approach to each client’s specific financial needs, and that includes identifying and quantifying potential risks. Risk is a possibility, not a certainty. To help make sure time and money is not lost, you will be backed by an experienced team of wealth managers. Our team of 14 professionals has over 100 years of combined industry experience.