Personal Wealth Management

The team at New England Investment and Retirement Group is experienced in financial planning and wealth advisement, aiming to help individuals increase and secure their personal wealth.


The Basics of Personal Wealth Management

Personal wealth management services at New England Investment and Retirement Group involve an organized arrangement between an individual client and a wealth advisor or manager with the aim of enhancing the financial status of the client. This process is also commonly referred to as private wealth management.

This differs from wealth management in that the service is towards an individual rather than towards a corporation or institution. It is a personal relationship between an individual who usually owns significant wealth and his personal financial advisor. In building this relationship, the wealth advisors at New England Investment and Retirement Group ensure that any financial recommendations or solutions are tailor-made to fit the client’s specific circumstances and objectives.

The personal wealth manager at NEIRG plays the role of a consultant who recommends a variety of products and services to the client to help them to meet their financial objectives. Ideally, the client meets with the advisor and they discuss the client’s personal circumstances and his/her desires and objectives. A good advisor is usually a good listener and someone who asks all the right questions in order to gain an accurate understanding of what the client wants to accomplish in his/her financial life.

Following this discussion, the advisor at New England Investment and Retirement Group will then make a series of recommendations that should be designed to increase the client’s net worth effectively.

Apart from making recommendations to the client, the NEIRG wealth advisor will help the investor/client see how their decisions will impact their financial position. The qualified personal wealth manager will also help the client to gain a better understanding of how money works and why they are making certain recommendations as opposed to others. With extensive experience in the industry, the wealth advisors at New England Investment and Retirement Group are able to see at a glance the impact certain decisions will have on an individual’s financial standing.