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Nick Giacoumakis and the team at New England Investment and Retirement Group offer a variety of financial planning and wealth management services for business owners, individuals and multi-generational families.

asset management

Asset Management

An investment manager at New England Investment and Retirement Group will walk you through all of your asset management needs, arranging your assets in an effective manner, both for institutions as well as individual accounts.

Business planning

Business Planning

Far too many business owners overlook or put too little emphasis on business planning to the detriment of the business. As the saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This has been proven to be true and Forbes magazine reports that as much as 90% of business start ups fail!

Financial consulting services

Consulting Services

Our Financial Consulting Services are built for individuals who are genuinely interested in improving their personal financial positions and are willing to hear and work with the advice of an experienced financial professional. Any individual looking to increase their personal wealth and secure their financial futures can reap great benefits from our financial consulting services.

Investment management

Investment Management

An investment manager or portfolio manager at New England Investment and Retirement Group helps an investor to arrange their investment portfolio in a way that increases the investor’s wealth effectively. We work closely with you to understand your risk profile as well as your stage in life and personal financial objectives.

Personal wealth management

Personal Wealth Management

Personal wealth management services at New England Investment and Retirement Group involve an organized arrangement between an individual client and a wealth advisor or manager with the aim of enhancing the financial status of the client. This process is also commonly referred to as private wealth management. This differs from wealth management in that the service is towards an individual rather than towards a corporation or institution.

Retirement planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning should be a top priority for all persons whether they are employed or self-employed. New England Investment and Retirement Group can help clients save towards retirement in several different ways.

Wealth management

Wealth Management

Wealth management is a fundamental service regarding a combination of nearly all of your financial decisions. New England Investment and Retirement Group provides distinct wealth planning advice from traditional wealth managers, taking a unique, customized approach to each client’s portfolio.

How to Sell Your Business

Selling one’s business can be a time consuming and laborious exploit that requires meticulous planning and keen financial advising. Strategy is key, which is why New England Investment and Retirement Group uses financial strategies to assist business owners in transitioning into the next stage of their lives or careers.