Our Process

Founded by Nick Giacoumakis in 1995, NEIRG helps clients with investment management,
personal wealth management and business succession planning.

NEIRG provides expert resources with a concierge touch.


Our client service approach at New England Investment and Retirement Group sets us apart from other wealth managers and is one of the most innovative in the industry today. We take a layered approach to client service, which means that we bring professionals from planning, investments and client services together to provide expert-level resources with a concierge touch.

We have built a scalable investment management process that allows our clients to realize the benefits of a customized portfolio utilizing many nontraditional asset classes, with true distinction from the rest of the pack, along with a unique, tradable allocation process that will not suffer as our firm continues to grow.


We Help Clients Through Our Holistic View

Our holistic view, adherence to proven investment principles, specialized knowledge, and dedication to protecting what you value most has earned us a reputation for results. It is why our clients entrust us to guide their own financial lives and why they recommend us to their families and friends.

We consider every aspect of your unique circumstances to forge a well-crafted plan that addresses your full financial picture and is able to withstand the changing elements of the business and financial world

Our Personal Wealth Management Process

Create and Grow Wealth

We work closely with you to determine your risk tolerance and establish return objectives to help achieve your financial goals.

Protect and Preserve Wealth

We monitor your overall investment portfolio allocation and diversification to mitigate unnecessary risks as we work toward your goals and objectives.

Plan for Distribution of Wealth During Lifetime

We work with you to prepare strategies for gifting to heirs, children or charitable sources to achieve your goals for distribution.

Plan for Distribution of Wealth Upon Death

We collaborate with your estate planning professionals to help build a plan to distribute wealth at death to minimize the taxable estate while leaving maximum desired assets to heirs or charitable organizations.

Our Investment Process

9-Member Investment Committee

Investment Committee consisting of 9 members meets weekly to direct management of all investment portfolio decisions.

10 Investment Model Strategies

NIERG manages client assets thru the process of utilizing 10 investment model strategies. Of the 10 strategies, 6 are equity-based strategies with varying degrees of risk and return. Ranging from conservative 25/75 equity to fixed income/alternatives ratio up to 100% equity capital appreciation aggressive growth strategy.

Preservation of Capital

4 of the 10 consist of fixed income investments and alternatives asset classes geared towards preservation of capital and current income.

Model Portfolio Strategies

Model Portfolio Strategies are built utilizing ETF’s, institutional mutual funds as well as individual securities depending on the model.

Maximum Tax Efficiency

Model Portfolios are managed with a goal of maximum tax efficiency combined with seeking low costs through effective selection of funds, ETF’s and individual securities managers with the goal of being the best at managing the managers.

Alternatives and Private Investments

When working with high net worth clients, we will frequently allocate a portion of their investment portfolio to alternatives and private investments.