Our Process

New England Investment and Retirement Group ProcessWhen a prospective client is introduced to New England Investment & Retirement Group, he or she becomes part of something truly unique.

Our commitment to providing the highest level of service coupled with our ongoing quest to produce superior investment results and sound financial planning strategies is made evident through our established, well-structured operational infrastructure. At New England Investment and Retirement Group, our systematic approach, not only to investment management, but also client management and financial planning, allows us to service a steadily growing clientele without sacrificing quality.

We believe our client process at New England Investment and Retirement Group sets us apart from other wealth managers and is one of the most innovative in the industry today. With our unique and strategically designed client process, NEIRG stands as a top wealth management firm for quality customer service and achieving quality results.

The Myth of the Custom Managed Portfolio

At New England Investment & Retirement Group, Inc., we have built a model-based approach that provides customized results without sacrificing consistency across all clients. A challenge that most growing investment advisory firms face is maintaining consistent returns and attention to detail across a large number of clients as the firm continues to grow. Inevitably, most firms’ portfolio results suffer as the clientele increases in size year in and year out, leaving these firms struggling to keep track of many different portfolios in a rapidly evolving global economic environment. Even the most talented advisors are limited by time constraints, market volatility, and the ability to track and monitor asset allocations through rapidly changing economic conditions. As many traditional Wall Street firms continue to grow, so do their difficulties to manage the multitude of client accounts effectively. The end result is many investment firms end up utilizing similar asset classes and allocations, producing basic, mediocre results that track the broad market indices.

New England Investment & Retirement Group, Inc. has built a scalable investment management process that allows our clients to realize the benefits of a customized portfolio utilizing many nontraditional asset classes, with true distinction from the rest of the pack, along with a unique, tradable allocation process that will not suffer as our firm continues to grow.