Our Promise

At New England Investment and Retirement Group, it is our goal to work towards exceeding client expectations with our financial services.

Our staff is dedicated to providing clients with the highest level of service and a unique, personalized experience. This all begins with our systematic approach to investment management and financial planning along with our strategically developed client process.

The client process at NEIRG sets New England Investment and Retirement Group apart from other wealth management companies. Our innovative process allows us to continue to expand and serve a growing base of clientele while achieving great success and without sacrificing quality of service.

When working with New England Investment and Retirement Group you can be sure to expect quality care, trust, transparency, communication, and confidentiality throughout the entire process. Clients should expect to see the great benefits of receiving a customized portfolio integrating all aspects of your life into one comprehensive framework to ensure your financial success and financial future.

As independent financial advisors, you can expect the staff at New England Investment and Retirement Group to focus freely on offering the best advice and providing the best ways to achieve your financial goals without pressuring you into any specific product or service from a parent company. It is our mission at New England Investment and Retirement Group to place your best interests above all else through unique and innovative strategies in numerous areas related to financial success including:

To learn more about our superior services and strategies and our proven and sustainable client process, contact us today to speak to one of our trained financial advisors.