Financial Planning

New England Investment and Retirement Group provides innovative financial planning strategies for retirement, college planning, business planning, and more.


New England Investment and Retirement Group Financial PlanningThe Importance of Financial Planning

Financial planning involves making forecasts about the future and putting plans in place to reach a predetermined set of financial objectives. The process is important and may prove beneficial for anyone regardless of their current financial circumstances. Whether you have a high, medium or low net worth, New England Investment and Retirement Group can help you to plan for and secure your financial future. This is to ensure that you make provisions for possible future events that may negatively affect your future financial situation.

The financial planners and wealth advisors at New England Investment and Retirement Group will assist you in taking stock of your current financial situation and making decisions about your how you want your financial future to look. Taking stock would include looking at all your assets and liabilities to determine your current net worth. This will become the starting point with the aim being to improve your net worth by established increments within established time frames. Your assets would include things such as cash balances, equity, fixed income instruments, real estate, furniture, business investments, commodities and so on. Liabilities are amounts owed in the form of loans, credit card balances, overdrafts etc.

One of the most popular types of financial planning for clients at New England Investment and Retirement Group is planning for retirement. It includes taking a careful look at your income and making decisions about how much to set aside on a regular basis towards your retirement. It also involves deciding how to invest those retirement funds for maximum returns and planning carefully to save on taxes as much as possible. Other common types of financial planning at New England Investment and Retirement Group may involve planning to build a home or planning how to fund your children’s college education. Only through careful planning and execution can your efforts be maximized. A financial planner at NEIRG will be able to help you to put together a workable financial plan that suites your specific needs.