Enjoying Wealth


Retirement is the beginning of a new stage in life, allowing you more time to focus on other interests in your life.

Retirement can be a financial turning point full of exciting opportunities, lifestyle changes and rewarding benefits. However, retirement presents a distinct set of future challenges, some of which are unknown.

At New England Investment & Retirement Group Inc., we help prepare you for retirement while working to help you mentally and financially plan for this transition. And when the day comes to start that new stage of your life, we will adjust your plan to maintain your standard of living while you develop new goals, take on new projects and experience other changes that impact your lifestyle in retirement.

Your retirement equation has many different variables that we can’t accurately predict. We will stress test your retirement plan to factor extreme possibilities about future health care costs, taxes, inflation, interest rates, portfolio returns and numerous other inherent uncertainties.

Social Security, Corporate Retirement Plans and Personal Savings are referred to the three legs that support your retirement. Since today’s retirement looks much different than that of your parents, we make sure the weight of your retirement can be supported by the three-legged stool.

Our process includes:

  • Reviewing strategies for distribution on qualified and non-qualified accounts. We also review liquidation hierarchy on investments to ensure efficiency of withdrawals. The traditional method of withdrawals is typically not the best for maximum wealth transfer in many situations. When considering how to make retirement assets last as long as possible, we will look at alternative tax distribution strategies that may be preferable.
  • Analyzing stock options with regards to the most effective exercise strategy. We seek to maximize the tax efficiency and distribution strategy of the overall options plan.
  • Developing or updating your business succession plan in conjunction with your business attorneys and CPAs as requested to distribute wealth within the goal of your overall estate and succession plan.
  • Discussing gifting to heirs, children or charitable sources to achieve the goals of distribution, as well as tax strategies and philanthropic causes.
  • Building, monitoring and periodically updating the overall wealth management plan to ensure that we are working towards helping you accomplish your financial and business objectives.