Disbursing Wealth


Your family’s future is all about peace of mind. An effective estate plan gives you that.

Some of the most important decisions that affect you and your family will be made by others if you are unable to think for yourself. An effective estate plan is not only essential to care for your loved ones and your belongings when you can’t care for them due to incapacity or death, but also your own care. The wealth advisors of New England Investment & Retirement Group Inc. work with you and your other trusted advisors to ensure you have a proper plan in place and you and your loved ones are cared for through your lifetime and beyond.

A customized plan also protects your family, avoids probate and considers your tax saving objectives.  Where applicable, we will assist you with charitable giving, establishment of a private foundation, donor advised funds and business succession planning.

Our process includes:

  • Working with your estate planning professionals, we assist to help build a plan to distribute wealth at death for both tax efficiency and control.
  • Reviewing and implementing gifting plans/strategies to minimize the taxable estate while leaving maximum desired assets to heirs or charitable organizations.
  • Planning and helping the next generation of heirs to assist in the estate transition and continue the management of your assets for future family generations to come.

At New England Investment & Retirement Group Inc., we strive to make sure our clients have an effective estate plan that carries out their personal wishes.