Corinna Gagnon,

Administrative Assistant

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P: 978-296-8345

Corinna Gagnon joined New England Investment & Retirement Group, Inc. in May 2019 as our
Administrative Assistant. She is a key part of the NEIRG team and is often the first point of contact for all visitors. In addition to making our guests feel welcome she plays a very important role in assisting the staff with various tasks. Her wide-ranging responsibilities include organizational, administrative support and keeping internal databases up to date for the Wealth Management and Financial Planning Advisors. In addition, she manages all communication such as telephones and bulk correspondence via postal or email.

She is a mother of three children, she has volunteered in her community for over seven years as well with the youth soccer association as well as local animal shelter for the past three years. She enjoys playing soccer, hot yoga, fitness and nutritional coaching.

My positive attitude is infectious. I make a difference helping others in as many ways as possible. I am confident my attention to details will be a great asset to our staff and clients at NEIRG.” 


Clayton College for Holistic Nutrition 2010, Bauman College Holistic Nutrition 2013



  • Her experience working directly with people over the past 35 years has really enhanced her capabilities for this role. She performs her job with a natural flair and self-assurance that is enjoyed by all around her.

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