Building Wealth

dreamstime_m_29812971At New England Investment and Retirement Group our core expertise is creating and actively managing proprietary investment strategies.

Our independent structure, buying power, access to top tier investment managers, experienced team and strategic alliances ensure that our clients’ investment portfolios deliver quality results along with outstanding levels of service.

We believe the contributing factors to consistently grow your wealth are based on security selection, portfolio weighting and asset allocation. We have invested years optimizing and refining our approach to each factor in order to bring research, market knowledge and continuous investment review to achieve institutional quality sophistication to the individual investor.

Our process includes:

  • Determining your risk tolerance and establish return objectives to help achieve your financial goals.

Investment and asset allocation decisions are reviewed by our Investment Committee staffed with seasoned investment and business professionals. We utilize strategic asset allocation, allowing us to be proactive, deliberate and disciplined in our approach. During periods of extreme market conditions, we will actively seek to add or avoid risk. This can result in tactical shifts to our portfolios, based on strong conviction regarding an underlying investment thesis.

  • Analyzing your existing investment portfolio to determine how your asset allocation strategy may be adjusted to better suit your portfolio risk tolerance.

We utilize an investment platform that is flexible and innovative. Employing true open architecture, we apply objective analysis to screen, evaluate and select “best in class” investments, regardless of their source.

  • Educating, reviewing and implementing plans with clients to achieve the most suitable programs in the qualified retirement plan arena.
  • Reviewing your investment tax scenario from both a capital gains and income prospective to utilize tax efficient strategies and design.
  • Performing an analysis to ensure that overall fees, trading costs and expenses are competitive to industry standards.

We have negotiated favorable relationships with leading custodial and clearing partners. This allows us to reduce administrative costs and deliver cutting edge technological client account access without burdening clients with excess expenses.

  • Reviewing and analyzing all investment vehicles in portfolio, including individual securities, mutual funds, ETFs and both public and private alternatives. We monitor and adjust with the goal of keeping relative performance in line with relevant industry benchmarks.

We believe in total transparency of the investment management process. All performance reporting is customized and timely to convey insightful information about your investments.