Asset Management

The experienced asset and investment managers at New England Investment and Retirement Group help clients increase their wealth while analyzing their different financial assets.

Asset management involves the obtaining, maintaining, utilizing, and disposing of financial assets in an efficient manner. The types of financial assets involved include assets such as stocks, fixed income securities such as bonds, real estate, commodities such as oil, and global investment products.

An investment manager at New England Investment and Retirement Group will walk you through all of your asset management needs, arranging your assets in an effective manner, both for institutions as well as individual accounts.

The aim of the NEIRG investment manager is to help the client grow their portfolio and to increase their net worth. New England Investment and Retirement Group will make recommendations as to which assets to acquire, which to dispose of, and how to properly maintain any existing assets. Generally speaking, it is high net worth individuals and institutions who normally seek out the services of an investment manager or financial advisor. This is because it can become difficult to properly manage multiple assets without the corresponding financial knowledge and expertise. Nevertheless, anyone, regardless of net worth, can benefit from asset management services.

With asset management, the investor first decides on specific goals which are shared with the financial advisor and agreements are reached concerning what level of authority the advisor has to make financial decisions on the investor’s behalf. Goals may include buying a home, funding a child’s education, funding one’s retirement, and so on. New England Investment and Retirement Group ensures that relationships between investors and asset managers are built on trust and open communication. It is important for investors to choose an advisor who is not only qualified, but who has a extensive experience in all areas of asset management.